What is a Bitcoin Exchange Wallet?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are moved and stored on sites called “exchange wallets” (or simply “exchanges”). These sites let you purchase Bitcoin using various payment methods, such as credit/debit card, bank wires, and others.

To use Bitcoin, the very first step is to register an account with an exchange wallet. Opening an account with an exchange wallet is completely free.

How do Bitcoin exchange wallets work?

Once your exchange wallet account is created and set up, you can buy Bitcoin, then send it directly to any place that accepts Bitcoin, including to make your deposits at JustBet. When it’s time to make a withdrawal from JustBet, you receive Bitcoin back into the exchange wallet, and from there convert it into US Dollars.


Send funds in USD from your Bank Account ► to your Exchange Wallet ► Buy Bitcoin ► Send Bitcoin to your JustBet account

And the process reversed:

Send Bitcoin from your JustBet account ► back to your Exchange Wallet ► Buy/Convert to USD ► Send USD to your Bank account


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