Choosing an Exchange Wallet

Getting the right exchange wallet to fit your needs is key to having the best Bitcoin experience. Take into consideration the payment method you want to use, the range of how much you will normally want to transfer, and how urgently you are looking to make your deposit

*IMPORTANT NOTE: the verification process on certain Bitcoin exchange wallet websites takes more time than on others

Various popular Bitcoin exchange wallet details

A few examples of popular exchanges are:

  • Edge App (best option for mobile)
  • Coinmama (great for credit cards)
  • (buy Bitcoin faster)
  • Paxful (simple sign-up process, over 300 payment options)
  • Binance (wide range of coins to choose from)

Payment options are not the same for every site. Some exchanges let you make withdrawals (i.e., send funds to your bank account) but others do not allow this.

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