Bitcoin Fees

When you deposit or withdraw from JustBet using Bitcoin, we will not charge you any fees, no matter how little (or how much) you are requesting. However, there are some fees that are charged by the exchange wallets and the blockchain, explained in detail below.

Types of Bitcoin fees, and which ones are reimbursed by JustBet

#1) Conversion Fees. For converting US dollars to Bitcoin, or Bitcoin back to US dollars, your exchange wallet will charge a small percentage (typically 1% - 3%).

► On deposits of $100 or more, JustBet will reimburse those fees for you. Fees must be claimed within 24 hours from when you deposited with us. After 24 hours we cannot consider any reimbursements. Once we receive the details, we'll credit the fees to your account as soon as possible; it may take up to 24 hours.

► On withdrawals, those fees will not be reimbursed.

#2) Mining Fees. When Bitcoin is transferred from sender to receiver, there are fees known as mining fees. This is basically a payment awarded to the miners who handle confirming Bitcoin transactions. The mining fees are the sender’s responsibility to cover, however this is almost a non-factor as those fees are less than $1 on most transactions, no matter how much is being sent.

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