Double header rules

Whenever you are betting on games that are part of a doubleheader in baseball, please consider the following rules:

  1. Prior to the games starting, the 1st game scheduled to be played will be labeled as 'Game 1', and the 2nd game scheduled will be labeled 'Game 2'.
  2. In the event only one of the two games is completed within 36 hours, the game that is complete will always be considered to be 'Game 1', and all bets on 'Game 2' will be void.
  3. Bets for 'Game 2' will only have action if two games are played by the same teams within the 36-hour window.

For example, a day/night doubleheader is scheduled. The first game gets rained out, and only the night game is played. Bets on 'Game 1' will apply to the game that is played, and bets on 'Game 2' will be refunded.

NOTE: In the event that games in a doubleheader are scheduled for 7 innings only, the game must go 7 innings (6½ if the home team is winning) for bets to have action.

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