Live Betting Improvements - Launched April 2020

In 2020 we made some big improvements to the betting interface. Now you’ll find all markets in the same place, letting you place your bets faster and easier than ever before.

As part of this change, the “Live Betting” tab was removed. Now everything – pre-game and Live Betting – is found under the “Sports” section.

Once you’re there, you’ll see blue or green “Live” symbols (Wi-Fi logo) next to any game that offers Live Betting.

  • The blue symbol is for games that will offer Live Betting but have not started yet.
  • The green symbol is for games that are in progress and have Live Betting open now.

Just pick the league you want, and you’ll see all available games.

If you only want to see the Live games, you can easily do this by switching from the “All” tab to the “Live” tab above the list of games.

Overall benefits of the new changes include:

  • All markets – Live and pre-game – are on a single screen now.
  • You can now add multiple selections into the same Bet Slip, unlike the old format where you could only place one Live Bet at a time.
  • We are offering Live Betting parlays for the first time ever; you can parlay multiple Live bets, or Live bets together with pre-game selections.

If you have any questions about Live Betting, feel free to contact the JustBet wagering team on Live Chat anytime.

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