Suspended / postponed Rugby matches

If a rugby match is suspended before regulation time is completed, there is a period of 48 hours (counted from kick-off) during which an official decision from the league/tournament’s governing body must be reached.

Official match times are explained here: Rugby official match times.

These decisions are official and final for betting purposes, and this includes any ruling about whether the remaining minutes will be played or not.

  • If it is decided the match will be resumed within 48 hours, bets will stand and are graded based on the final result once the match is completed.
  • If it is decided the match will NOT be resumed but the current result will be official, bets will stand and are graded based on the score at the time the match was suspended.
  • If it is decided the match will be resumed, but NOT within 48 hours, all bets will be void. Or, if the league fails to reach any decision within 48 hours, bets will be void.

If a match is suspended BEFORE it has started, bets will have action only if the match is rescheduled to be played within 48 hours.

If for any reason the location of the game is changed from the original site, all bets placed prior to the change in venue will be no action.

All matches during an elimination tournament or cup are played to completion regardless of whether or not the event concludes within 48 hours.

All wagers placed on markets whose outcomes have already been determined will have action!

Example: when you place a 1st half bet, this will have action as soon as the market is official (1st half ends), even if the match is canceled after that.


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