Soccer official match times

In soccer, for bets to be considered official (on most markets) the match must complete full-time (90 minutes).

*Please see the article on Suspended / postponed soccer matches for situations where exceptions may apply.

The terms 'full-time', '90 minutes' and 'normal time' all refer to the period of play including the 90 minutes of regulation plus injury time, but not including any extra periods (overtime) or penalty shootouts.

For games played during the knockout stages in a tournament, you will typically see the option to bet on the 'Team to Advance'. This is an ‘outright winner’ bet, and this option is not limited to 90 minutes + injury time. With this option, you’re betting on a team to win the game any way possible – whether it’s within normal time, during extra periods, or in a penalty shootout (if necessary).

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