Baseball Run Line betting

Run Lines are the baseball version of betting the spread. The Run Line adds 1.5 runs to the underdog
(+1.5) or subtracts 1.5 runs from the favorite (-1.5).

Example: you are betting on a team that is favored on the moneyline. You could choose to bet
them -1.5 runs on the Run Line instead, which gives you a better price, but your team must win by at
least 2 runs for your bet to be a winner.

All Run Line bets are action, meaning bets will stand regardless of any pitching changes prior to the game starting.

Bets on the Run Line are official after 8½ innings if the home team is ahead, or after 9 full innings if the visiting team is ahead.

On most games there are also alternative Run Lines where the favorite is -2.5 runs. The exact same rules

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