Football total season wins

When betting the over/under on a team’s total wins for the season, there must be X number of official decisions for season wins wagers to count. An official decision constitutes the league awarding a win or loss, with "X" being the same number of scheduled games determined prior to the start of the season.

  • NFL: A team must play all of its regular-season games (all 17 games) for wagers to have action. 
  • NCAA College Football: A team must play all of its scheduled regular-season games for wagers to have action. 


If one team is forced to forfeit due to Covid concerns, the game will officially count towards regular-season wins (counting as a loss for the team who forfeits; counting as a win for their opponent). 

In the rare event both teams are unable to compete due to Covid concerns, results will be based on what the NFL or NCAA decides, with there being two possible outcomes:

  • If the league rules that both teams will be awarded a loss, these losses count as official results, and the total season wins wagers will continue to have action.
  • If the league rules however that the game will be considered a cancellation ("no contest") the total season wins wagers on both teams will be considered as no action (granted the game is not made up at a later date).

If a game is canceled (not a forfeited game) for any other reasons and not made up at a later date, any regular-season wins bet on the teams involved will have no action as well.


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