Tennis Live Betting official game times

If a match is not completed, Live Bets on the match winner will be void, unless a player is disqualified, in which case the player/team progressing to the next round or being awarded the victory will be deemed the winner for settlement purposes. 

This applies to Match Winner betting only; ALL match Totals and Handicaps/Spreads will be made void. 

If a player retires from a match due to injury or other reason, (not a disqualification) match winner bets will be void.

Certain market whose outcome has already been determined will have action, even if the match is suspended after that point. However, this rule does not apply to wagers on the side, total, or spread for the full match. For example, if a wager is placed on the total number of games to go over, that wager has action only if the match is fully completed. Should the match be suspended before completion, that bet will be void even if the total has gone over.

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