Live Betting general rules

The game time and score information displayed in the Live Betting scoreboard serves solely as a guide. Though every attempt is made to ensure that the information displayed is current, it is not always possible. JustBet assumes no liability for the accuracy of this information.

JustBet reserves the right to void any wager placed on an obvious line mistake, or placed after the outcome of the proposition has been determined.

Live Betting wagers on sides, totals, and all full game props are subject to the official game time rules explained here: Official game times (multiple sports)

Postponed games are subject to the rules founds here: Delays, postponements & overturned results

NOTE: With all Live Betting, markets whose outcomes have already been determined will always have action. Example: a proposition bet on 'team to score next' will be graded once the next score occurs, even if the game is postponed/suspended after that point.

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