Series wagers

With baseball regular-season series wagers, you are betting on which team will win more games in the series. The following rules apply:

  • Series betting is not offered on two-game series.
  • Bets are based on the first 3 games played of each series. For series that have four games, the 4th game will not be considered for betting purposes.
  • At least two of the first three series games must be played for wagers to have action:
    • If only one of the first three games is postponed or canceled, series wagers stand.
    • But, if two of the first three games are postponed or canceled, all wagers on the series will have no action and stakes will be refunded.
  • A shortened game will count toward a series wager as long as it is declared an official game by the league (in these cases the game does not have to go the full 9 innings).
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