Reporting an issue with credit card charges

If you were charged an added amount on top of the deposit (“overcharges”) or charged for a transaction that was never credited to your sports account, you can report this to us by sending a copy of your bank statement.

Before sending, make sure the statement clearly shows the deposit as processed or posted. If the statement shows the transaction in any other status such as "pending", we won't be able to review it.

These reports must be sent through the Cashier. Just select AccountVerifications and follow these steps:

  1. Select Other Documents
  2. Review the requirements and hit START
  3. Choose the card and hit CONTINUE
  4. Select the reason for submitting the report
  5. Attach the photo of your bank statement in the area marked 'Upload the bank statement'
  6. Hit SEND

Reviews for overcharges will take up to 24 hours. Reviews for charges that were never credited to your sports account normally take 3-5 business days.

We appreciate your patience. If a review is taking longer than the stated time frames, let us know through Live Chat and we will be happy to provide an update.

NOTE: At times, you may also be charged international fees by your bank. These fees cannot be reimbursed. We can only consider reimbursement for overcharges and missing deposits.

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