Paper check not accepted by bank

Certain banks do not accept foreign checks. It is always recommended to confirm with your bank before requesting a withdrawal to be sure they will take the check.

If you have already received a check and your bank won't accept it, you can try to deposit it at another bank.

But, if this is not possible, there are two options for canceling the check:

  • Mail the check back to us. There is no cost for doing this, but it may take a few weeks for us to receive the check and place the funds back in your account.
  • Or, we can issue a stop-payment on the check. This has a cost of $250 USD (deducted from the value of the check), and the funds will be returned to your account in approximately 5 business days.

For more details, please contact our customer solutions team on Live Chat or by calling 1-855-274-8313.

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